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Spell Spotlight: Find Familiar – Posts

Would you like an additional set of eyes and ears in your Dungeons & Dragons marketing campaign? Would you like to have the ability to ship beneficial spells to targets that may usually be out of vary? Or do you merely need an lovable animal buddy to observe you in your adventures with out worrying over how you can preserve them alive? Whereas it’d look like a digital pet generator from the surface, discover acquainted can really be a clutch spell when used correctly. With this discover acquainted information, we’ll inform you all about probably the most versatile 1st-level spells in fifth-edition D&D.

What does discover acquainted do?

Discover acquainted is a ritual Conjuration spell often accessible to wizards. Discover acquainted may maybe be extra precisely known as “summon acquainted,” as a result of that’s ostensibly what the spell does. However what’s a well-known? In fifth-edition D&D, a well-known is a spirit which you summon into your service. This acquainted spirit is of celestial, fey, or fiendish origin, which you because the caster select. Sometimes, the acquainted then takes on the type of a standard beast, resembling a cat, bat, owl, and even an octopus.

As soon as summoned, the acquainted operates with a thoughts of its personal however will at all times obey the caster’s instructions as a part of the spell. Which means a well-known operates by itself initiative order in fight and doesn’t take up usages of the caster’s actions or bonus actions. Throughout its flip, your acquainted can take all the actions {that a} regular creature can take, together with the Assist motion, except the flexibility to assault. This may be an especially useful gizmo in fight, particularly at decrease ranges within the sport, as a result of the Assist motion can grant benefit to another person in fight.

The acquainted may function a focused spell supply service. It’s because one of many traits of your acquainted is the flexibility to increase your “contact” spell vary as much as 100 toes, to something it will possibly contact. This additionally permits a wizard to cover behind cowl on the battlefield whereas nonetheless using shut fight spells. 

Magic student in a library looking at a frog in a cage

Exterior of fight, there are much more methods for a well-known to function a tactical software. You and your acquainted can talk telepathically so long as it’s inside 100 toes of you. Relying on the shape your acquainted takes, this might assist preserve your celebration from falling sufferer to a shock assault, as your acquainted may warn you of approaching hazard. You may as well use an motion to make use of the acquainted’s eyes and ears as a substitute of your personal, together with any pure advantages within the animal’s senses. Your individual imaginative and prescient and listening to is nullified throughout this time, however you may nonetheless whisper important info to your celebration as they watch over you. 

It takes an hour to solid the discover acquainted spell, so it’s a good suggestion to consider whether or not you’re going to wish to use a well-known previous to heading into conditions the place it’s possible you’ll wish to have a little bit critter pal. The parts for discover acquainted are additionally an instance of parts which have a financial worth, on this case 10 gp value of charcoal, incense, and herbs burned within the fireplace of a brass brazier. That is essential to bear in mind as monetary-cost parts can’t be changed with a spellcasting focus, so whereas the spell does have all of the above advantages, it may be an funding, particularly at earlier ranges whenever you might not be as fast to realize a lot gold. 

Your acquainted choices

The checklist of major creature kinds your acquainted can tackle embrace the next:

Acquainted kinds within the primary guidelines

The caster shouldn’t be locked into any of the kinds the acquainted takes. You want solely recast the spell as a way to have your acquainted change type, so there may be an excessive amount of versatility.

Alternate acquainted choices

White-haired hareA number of sourcebooks present some totally different animals or twists on the spell’s kinds. Icewindale: Rime of the Frostmaiden provides the fox and the hare to the spell’s creature checklist. Equally, Storm King’s Thunder suggests the winged tressym cat as a attainable acquainted, with the Dungeon Grasp’s permission.

Different sourcebooks provide up modifications and modifications to the discover acquainted spell for taste or temper causes. Curse of Strahd means that the environment of Barovia may change your acquainted into an undead creature slightly than the everyday celestial, fey, or fiend, although nonetheless immune to show undead options. Equally, Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus recommends turning familiars into imps because of the corrupting affect of the doorway to the 9 Hells.

There are additionally some distinctive kinds that familiars can take relying on variables of the spellcaster, which we’ll get extra into beneath. You probably have an unofficial creature type you’d slightly have your acquainted tackle, communicate together with your DM to see in the event that they’d approve of it. Simply understand that with a number of exceptions, most familiars’ problem scores are zero. 

Who can solid discover acquainted?

So, which spellcasters can solid discover acquainted? The brief reply: wizards. The lengthy reply: It’s difficult, however just about everybody.

In the event you’re enjoying as a wizard, congratulations, you’ve bought discover acquainted proper there in your spell checklist strutting its stuff. In the event you’re one other sort of spellcaster, nonetheless, you may must take a number of steps as a way to get there, however it’s attainable. First off, listed here are some courses that may use the spell as a part of a subclass or class characteristic:

  • Bard: You’ll be able to select to take the discover acquainted spell as a part of Magical Secrets and techniques, a characteristic you’ll unlock at sixth degree for a Faculty of Lore bard, or tenth degree for all bards. This highly effective characteristic permits the bard to be taught spells from any class spell checklist so long as they’re accessible on the bard’s spellcasting degree. 
  • Druid: Utilizing non-obligatory Tasha’s Cauldron of All the pieces guidelines with DM discretion, a druid could spend one use of their Wild Form to solid discover acquainted. This acquainted is a fey and solely lasts for a variety of hours equal to half your druid degree, however the spellcasting doesn’t require any of the everyday materials parts. 
  • Eldritch Knight fighter and Arcane Trickster rogue: Each of those courses be taught spells from the wizard spell checklist. As discover acquainted is a 1st-level spell, you may take it when enjoying one in all these subclasses.
  • Thief rogue: At thirteenth degree, the Thief bypasses class, race, and degree necessities when utilizing magic gadgets. This enables them to entry discover acquainted by utilizing a spell scroll containing the spell.
  • Warlock: Warlocks in fifth-edition D&D can add discover acquainted to their spell checklist by taking the Pact of the Chain characteristic as their Pact Boon at third degree. This characteristic provides discover acquainted to your spell checklist and even offers you some particular kinds for the acquainted to vary into, both an imp, pseudodragon, quasit, or sprite. As one other particular characteristic of the warlock model of the acquainted, Pact of the Chain familiars can use their response to assault for those who take the Assault motion and forgo one in all your assaults.

Feats are one other nice solution to entry discover acquainted. In case your DM permits for feats, there are 3 ways to be taught discover acquainted, though one is setting particular. They’re: 

  • Ritual Caster: This feat requires you to have an Intelligence or Knowledge of 13 or larger, however it lets you take two 1st-level spells that may be solid as rituals from a particular spellcasting class’ spell checklist. If you choose wizard, then discover acquainted will grow to be accessible to you. If having a well-known is essential to you, this feat could also be value taking since you’ll even have entry to at least one extra ritual spell from the wizard checklist, and the flexibility so as to add extra to your new wizard spellbook later. 
  • Magic Provoke (Wizard): This feat lets you take two cantrips and one 1st-level spell from a particular spellcaster’s spell checklist. Since discover acquainted is a 1st-level spell, meaning you may take it utilizing this feat. This may be a very helpful feat for those who’ve had your eye on a few cantrips.
  • Strixhaven Mascot: Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos has a particular model of discover acquainted that enables your acquainted to take the type of the mascot of your chosen magical school. Much like the warlock Pact of the Chain, this model lets you forgo one in all your assaults to have the mascot acquainted assault, and you may swap locations together with your mascot acquainted from as much as 60 toes away. You’ll be able to solely do that as soon as per lengthy relaxation except you spend a 2nd-level or larger spell slot.

Lastly, in case your celebration has entry to magic gadgets and one of many characters already is aware of discover acquainted, they may solid the spell into a hoop of spell storing. That may then allow your character to solid the spell.

Why we love this spell

Like I mentioned earlier, this spell is extraordinarily versatile for a 1st-level spell. A well-known taking the Assist motion could be a fairly beneficial useful resource in fight. When discover acquainted is mixed with a assist class, it will possibly operate virtually as a discipline medic boon, a little bit furry nurse dropping touch-based therapeutic spells in the midst of fight. 

However the largest purpose we love the spell is its worth for roleplaying on high of the mechanical or tactical benefits. Having a well-known as a built-in companion for a personality is a first-rate useful resource for some attention-grabbing interactions and character quirks. The acquainted is an extension of the spellcaster and capabilities as a conduit to how they view and expertise the world. As a result of the acquainted has their very own impartial character as effectively, there’s ample room for each the participant and the DM to have enjoyable with how the 2 work together. 

FAQ: Discover acquainted

Can non-ritual casters use discover acquainted?

The fifth-edition D&D guidelines for ritual casting don’t stop spellcasters from utilizing ritual spells as an everyday spell, solely from benefiting from the ritual casting characteristic that enables them to protect a spell slot. 

How lengthy does discover acquainted final? 

The standard use of discover acquainted takes an hour to solid. However the acquainted sticks round till it reaches 0 hit factors or the spellcaster casts the spell once more or dispels it. 

Does my acquainted have to remain within the house of an enemy after utilizing the Assist motion?

No, the Assist motion doesn’t require you to remain in the identical house after you’ve distracted a foe, so your acquainted may danger a chance assault to flee. This makes the owl one of many greatest familiars within the sport, as their Flyby characteristic permits them to distract after which escape with out upsetting a chance assault.

What occurs to a well-known in an antimagic discipline?

An antimagic discipline quickly winks creatures summoned by magic out of existence. Since summoning is the descriptive time period used for the discover acquainted spell, the acquainted would disappear till the antimagic discipline not occupies the house, at which period the acquainted would reappear in that house.

Riley Silverman (@rileyjsilverman) is a contributing author to D&D Past, Nerdist, and SYFY Wire. She DMs the Theros-set Cube Ex Machina for the Saving Throw Present, and has been a participant on the Wizards of the Coast-sponsored The Damaged Pact. Riley additionally performed as Braga within the official tabletop adaptation of the Rat Queens comedian for HyperRPG, and presently performs as The Physician on the Physician Who RPG podcast The Sport of Rassilon. She presently lives in Los Angeles.

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