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Barbarian 201: The Best Magic Items for Barbarians – Posts

Via years of nurturing your anger and keenness, you’ve develop into a grasp of the entrance strains. Your battlefield presence calls for your enemy’s consideration, and you may take a beating that will have killed your wizard good friend 3 times over.

Nonetheless, typically it’s possible you’ll want just a little assist.

Under, you’ll discover 10 of one of the best magic gadgets in fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons for the barbarian. Any gadgets you see that you just don’t personal could be bought from the D&D Past market, or shared by a Dungeon Grasp or good friend with a Grasp-tier subscription.

  1. Amulet of health
  2. Amulet of the drunkard
  3. Animated shield
  4. Belt of giant strength
  5. Crystal blade
  6. Dancing sword
  7. Javelin of lightning
  8. Periapt of wound closure
  9. Ring of evasion
  10. Ring of free action

Dungeon Masters’ discretion

Some or all of this stuff could also be unavailable in your marketing campaign. Talk about curiosity in magic gadgets along with your DM, however take into account that they could not grant sure requests for quite a lot of good causes.

Prime 10 magic gadgets for barbarians

Copper dragonborn in leather armor attacking with a shield

1. Amulet of well being

Wondrous Merchandise, uncommon (requires attunement)

The amulet of well being is one in every of two entries on this listing which are extensively thought of staple or traditional barbarian gadgets. And never unreasonably so: The amulet of well being units your Structure rating to 19, which may present a direct enhance to your hit factors. Whereas anyone can recognize a excessive Structure, solely the barbarian provides their Structure modifier to their AC whereas unarmored.

Should you’re torn between whether or not to extend your Energy or Structure in your subsequent ASI, this merchandise can cowl a kind of bases for you. And as we’ll see later, one other merchandise can enhance your Energy rating, which may assist you to choose some highly effective feat combos in your subsequent ASIs as an alternative.

2. Amulet of the drunkard

Wondrous Merchandise, unusual

Not each barbarian will strut into pubs ordering ale by the barrel. But when yours does, then the day they uncover this amulet is perhaps one of the best day of their life. The amulet of the drunkard restores the identical variety of hit factors as a potion of better therapeutic, it recharges each day, it doesn’t require attunement, and it’s enjoyable!

Barbarians deserve goofy roleplay gadgets, too, and this one has extra potential than most. 

3. Animated protect

Armor (protect), very uncommon (requires attunement)

Many barbarians eschew a protect, preferring to make use of each arms for offense. Whereas everyone likes the next AC, it’s completely comprehensible in case your barbarian is unwilling to half with their greatsword to attain it. 

The animated protect might help right here, particularly when you incessantly assault recklessly or dive into mobs of enemies. With this merchandise, you may profit from a protect’s regular +2 to AC whereas holding each arms free for a two-handed weapon.

Admittedly, there are sometimes cheaper, extra accessible methods to achieve a defensive enhance whereas holding each arms free, however the animated protect is just one of the fulfilling and flavorful. Should you’re searching for much less epic defensive gadgets in your barbarian, there could also be bracers, stones, rings, or cloaks obtainable.

Magical shield with a winged emblem in the center

4. Belt of big energy

Wondrous Merchandise, varies (requires attunement)

A traditional’s a traditional, and infrequently for good motive. No much less so for the belts of big energy, a collection of progressively highly effective gadgets that may take your Energy rating all the best way as much as 29. (Look to the gauntlets of ogre energy for a comparable various on the unusual rarity.)

This entry is quite simple: Your barbarian is sort of actually utilizing Energy for its weapon assaults, and these belts will permit them to punt a troll like a soccer. Get pleasure from!

5. Crystal blade

Weapon (any sword), uncommon (requires attunement)

Launched in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, the crystal blade is one thing of a jack-of-all-trades—just a little therapeutic, just a little additional injury, just a little utility—making it an efficient instrument to spherical out your barbarian’s capabilities. The crystal blade offers 1d8 additional radiant injury on a success, and you may expend one in every of its three prices to regain hit factors equal to the radiant injury dealt. Barbarians with out darkvision may also recognize the sword’s skill to shed both vibrant or dim mild. 

The crystal blade may not make sense for a specialist, however when you’d like your barbarian to be just a little extra versatile with out sacrificing what they’re good at, a crystal blade ought to assist!

6. Dancing sword

Silver sword with a blue amulet in the hiltWeapon (any sword), very uncommon (requires attunement)

It’s a religious weapon! It’s a blade of catastrophe! It’s … a dancing sword?

The dancing sword will shortly develop into your barbarian’s favourite toy. Utilizing a bonus motion, this sword can fly as much as 30 toes and assault an opponent as soon as per spherical for as much as 4 rounds earlier than making an attempt to return to your hand. The dancing sword will use your assault roll and talent rating modifiers, however take into account that as a result of the sword is making the assault and never the barbarian, you will be unable to use a capability such because the Nice Weapon Grasp feat.

The one factor my barbarian (Barbara) would love greater than a greatsword is 2 greatswords, and the one factor she’d quite do than assault twice on her flip … is assault 3 times on her flip.

In case your barbarian sees a chance to seize one in every of these, do not let it dance away from them.

7. Javelin of lightning

Weapon (javelin), unusual

Barbarians don’t usually give attention to ranged assaults, since their rage solely supplies a injury bonus to melee weapon assaults. Nonetheless, typically monsters merely don’t give you a lot alternative. Hold a pair javelins of lightning on you for a powerful ranged choice when circumstances demand.

Should you’re nervous in regards to the javelin lacking and probably shedding your rage, use the javelin’s lightning bolt skill. With it, you might be assured to deal injury—half of 4d6 on a profitable save—even when the closest enemy is 120 toes away.

8. Periapt of wound closure

Wondrous Merchandise, unusual (requires attunement)

You’ll have probably the most hit factors in your get together, however in the future you’re going to fall in battle. Nonetheless, being knocked unconscious does not must result in loss of life, not with the periapt of wound closure. If you’re dying firstly of your flip, this pendant will instantly stabilize you. No loss of life saving throws, only a affected person wait for somebody to throw some therapeutic your means, or maybe just a little nap.

Probably much more helpful for the barbarian, nonetheless, is the periapt’s second skill: Everytime you roll a Hit Die to regain hit factors, double the variety of hit factors it restores. As the category with the biggest Hit Cube within the recreation, spoil your barbarian with “vital brief rests” and allow them to heal for double.

9. Ring of evasion

Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

The ring of evasion supplies its bearer with the power to declare successful on an in any other case failed Dexterity saving throw. I extremely advocate events give this merchandise to their barbarian if they arrive throughout one, as a result of the ring of evasion compensates for a defensive hole that most likely comes up in your barbarian fairly incessantly. This single merchandise may assist you to keep away from injury from the entice if you’re main the get together by a dungeon, your sorcerer’s pleasant fireball if you’re in the midst of a horde, and an enemy’s disintegrate—all in in the future.

Gold ring with an emerald and sapphire hummingbird on it

10. Ring of free motion

Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

What’s the worst factor that occurs to your barbarian? Oh, being charmed or dominated. Yeah, that is smart. Nicely, is the second worst factor being paralyzed or restrained? Then I’ve the merchandise for you!

Whereas sporting the ring of free motion, tough terrain doesn’t value you additional motion and magic can neither paralyze nor restrain you, nor can it decrease your velocity. If the lich paralyzed half the get together in your first assembly, maybe you may come to the subsequent encounter higher ready.

Making a barbarian

Seize a greataxe and let’s roll some cube! Bounce into D&D Past’s character builder, throw on the “Create Wonderful Characters in Minutes” video (discovered under), and decide a dump stat, as a result of it’s time to construct a barbarian.

Damen Cook dinner (@damen_joseph) is a lifelong fantasy reader, author, and gamer. If he awakened tomorrow in Faerun, he would bolt by the closest fey crossing and drink from each stream and eat fruit from each tree within the Feywild till he discovered that candy, candy wild magic.

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