The Undead
Have Risen

Grab some undead minis for your next encounter!

D&D Fantasy Miniatures, Terrain, and More!

Goblin Clan Games is ran by Tabletop Gamers just like you! Our D&D Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures, Dice Towers and Accessories are made of high-quality PLA and Resins that are durable and environmentally friendly. We source the best PLA and Resin to ensure the highest levels of details in our products. Customer Service is our top priority! If something goes wrong with your order, please Contact Us and we will make it right.

New Arrivals


Find the perfect mini for your next encounter!


These miniatures are fantastic. I will definitely be ordering more soon.

Josh Leuschke

Fast processing and shipping.

Ez Walsh

These are some amazing models for what you're paying for.

Jansen Trantow