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What I use when painting D&D Miniatures

What do I recommend to have handy when painting D&D Miniatures?

I get questions like these all the time:

  • Can I paint these miniatures out of the box?
  • What kind of primer do you recommend?
  • Do you recommend any video tutorials?

In this article, I hope to provide value to new and existing Dungeon Masters that seek to either start or improve their painting addiction. After all, it would be terrible to leave all of your miniatures unpainted, right?

Goblin Archer from Goblin Game set

My Style 

Before we get far, I want to explain the goal I have when painting. I aim for "tabletop ready". This can mean different things for different people. What I mean by it is I want it to be fully coated with paint and have a decent amount of shades and highlights. I won't claim to be a professional by any means. Sometimes I want to see a miniature in extreme detail, but the reality is in my eyes I am using them to play games, and at the closest I will be at least a few feet away. Pro-level paint jobs are overkill, unless I want to display it. I only paint and play.

Can I paint these miniatures out of the box?

Easy answer. Absolutely!  Our miniatures are printed with bio-degradable PLA and Resin. The plastics paint just like other miniatures. I always recommend priming the miniature and also using an Acrylic Sealer to protect the paint.

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