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D&D Monster Spotlight: Set Traps and Burn Your Foes as The Line From Battle for Beyond – Posts

Bear traps, daggers, and grenades, oh my! Battle for Past Dungeon Grasp, Jasmine Bhullar, brings an intimidating collection of monsters to the D&D mini-series. Amongst them is The Line, a vicious combatant who dons a baby-faced masks and makes use of a flamethrower to show his enemies to ash. In case you’ve been watching Battle for Past, you may acknowledge The Line from episode one, when Ekon, Lenore, and Leila confronted off towards him.

This is a deep dive into what we find out about The Line and how one can deliver him to your desk!

Who’s The Line?

The Line monster artworkWhat occurs while you mix a Rambo villain with a monstrosity from the Mists of Ravenloft? You get The Line. This imply combatant from Battle for Past sports activities all method of weapons. Catch him in his lair — any lush forest will do — and you will uncover his arsenal of traps.

However there’s extra to The Line behind that baby-faced masks. Or moderately, there’s nothing behind it. Take away the masks from this fierce hunter and you will uncover a void inside which lies your deepest, darkest secrets and techniques. 

It is becoming for a person with no face to have a mysterious previous, and The Line would not disappoint. He was despatched by his individuals to Polakott — the realm the place Battle for Past is about — after being accused of an unforgivable crime. His goal now’s to combat and kill within the area for the leisure of Polakott’s guests. However unbeknownst to most, The Line has his personal plan: to discover a approach residence to actual revenge on his individuals.


The Line statistics

You’ve got received caltrops, you’ve got received daggers, you’ve got received a flamethrower. On the subject of The Line, Dungeon Masters can have loads of methods to maintain gamers guessing. And that is the enjoyable in bringing this distinctive monster to the desk. Click on under to see The Line’s stat block:

Enjoying with The Line at your desk

The Line is not a senseless killer. He is clever, smart, and helpful. That is why he is at his most fearsome when encountered in his area. A dense forest with a cover that drapes the earth in darkness is the right place for hidden pits, bear traps, and the like. Use such traps to whittle down the get together’s assets and put them on edge after they inevitably encounter The Line.

The thriller behind The Line’s facelessness can lead characters on an journey even after slaying or fleeing from him. Maybe they encounter extra individuals and monsters whose faces have been changed by voids that drive others to disclose their troubled pasts. A monster just like the coldlight walker, whose face emits a spectral gentle, may pair properly with The Line.

This is an journey hook to deliver The Line into your recreation. Remember that this does not comply with established lore from Battle for Past:

The haunting of Lockroe Forest

Lengthy have the individuals of Westerfel Grove spoken of the haunting of Lockroe Forest. These who enterprise into the woods both go lacking or return pale-faced and unable to talk of the horrors they discovered. However one factor you recognize is that this: There is a man, or one thing that appears like a person, that has claimed Lockroe Forest for his personal. He units traps and lies in watch for his victims. What occurs when he catches them is a thriller.

Westerfel Grove residents make their coin off lumber and animal skins. They depend on Lockroe Forest to gasoline these industries however have struggled as of late. Assaults on their individuals develop extra frequent, and nobody is aware of the way to put an finish to them. Is it a dryad? A ghost? A bandit? Residents have made choices on the fringe of Lockroe Forest, despatched emissaries, and even dispatched a horse and carriage with provides into the woods. And but, the assaults proceed.

Whether or not the characters wander into Westerfel Grove or uncover a request for assist on a discover board, the individuals of this distant city will process them with going deep into Lockroe Forest to place an finish to those assaults as soon as and for all. 

A forest with enamel

Journeying into Lockroe Forest is fraught with risks, most of them of The Line’s design. Hidden spike pits, bear traps, and swinging logs are the commonest obstacles the group will uncover. Some have been triggered, and the lifeless have been strung up in bushes as a warning.

The characters will know they’re getting close to to their goal when the hazards change into extra frequent and deadlier. You may throw educated beasts like cave bears on the get together to melt them up earlier than their encounter with The Line or have them change into misplaced on a failed Knowledge (Survival) examine, forcing them to spend an evening within the treacherous woods.

Finish of The Line

When ultimately the group finds The Line, they uncover a person tormented by a need he can not management: the need to feed on the anguish of others. On this journey, The Line was a former resident of Westerfel Grove. He was believed to have died on an expedition into the forest. And in a approach, the story is true. He journeyed into the woods and was gravely injured by a rabid animal. When Loss of life got here to him — or what he assumed to be Loss of life — The Line begged for extra time. And it granted his want. Besides there was one complication: The Line may solely maintain residing as long as he consumed the ache of others. And it’s a starvation he can not management.

The Line feeds on his victims utilizing the void the place his face was once. With it, he attracts of their life essence by forcing them to relive their most painful reminiscences and reveal their biggest fears. This leaves The Line’s victims damaged, unable to even comprehend what occurred. However The Line needs it to finish. He ventures deeper and deeper into Lockroe Forest, however nonetheless extra individuals come looking for him. When the get together discovers him, he is at his wit’s finish and begs for loss of life, although he can not cease himself from making an attempt to kill them in return. The starvation is simply too robust.

Uncover extra risks in Battle for Past

Battle for Past is a six-part D&D marketing campaign set on this planet of Polakott. You’ll be able to catch The Line and different fearsome foes of Bhullar’s creation on our YouTube channel. Then, symbolize your favourite heroes of the marketing campaign with Battle for Past Digital Cube Units, discovered within the market! 

Michael Galvis (@michaelgalvis) is a tabletop content material producer for D&D Past. He’s a longtime Dungeon Grasp who enjoys horror movies and all issues fantasy and sci-fi. When he isn’t within the DM’s seat or rolling cube as his anxious halfling sorcerer, he’s enjoying League of Legends and Magic: The Gathering together with his husband. They stay collectively in Los Angeles with their lovely canine, Quentin.

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