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D&D Monster Spotlight: Polodio, the Half-Fish, Half-Horse Monstrosity of Nightmares – Posts

If you are going to flush a goldfish down the bathroom, be sure that it is really useless, of us. Battle for Past Dungeon Grasp Jasmine Bhullar reveals us what occurs whenever you betray a fishy buddy they usually type a symbiotic bond with a bloodthirsty monster often called Seataur. If that description would not fairly make sense, then it is time you caught up on the chaotic six-part D&D mini-series on our YouTube channel

Here is all the pieces you have to find out about Polodio. Beware spoilers for Battle for Past

Who’s Polodio?


In Battle for Past, Polodio is the pet fish of Kyshaar, a half-orc porter. The doomed creature was left in the care of the tiefling Nikhil, whose thoughtlessness led to the fish’s (presumed) demise and a visit down the bathroom and into the sewers beneath RajMedan.

When we meet Polodio within the penultimate episode of Battle for Past, we uncover that he has shaped a symbiotic bond with a mysterious monster humorously often called Seataur. The nickname is owed to the truth that it seems, effectively, like that.

Little is thought about Seataur, although residents of RajMedan have their theories.

One is that Seataur was a former contestant that was sucked right into a whirlpool within the preventing area. Others merely see Seataur as nothing greater than a tall story. However irrespective of the reality behind this fishy nightmare, it has a thirst for blood — and distinctive strategies for getting a style.

Have you ever met The Line?

Battle for Past introduces all method of homebrew monsters, together with The Line, a flamethrower-wielding, trapsetting man with no face! Click on right here to study The Line and see his statistics.

Polodio statistics

Polodio the fish returns from the useless with an arsenal of talents because of its symbiotic relationship with Seataur. Conjure a water elemental, entrap characters in a whirlpool, or make a brand new “buddy” on the fly as this slimy beast of the deep.

Enjoying with Polodio at your desk

You have acquired a horse, a fish, and the tragic backstory of a pet tossed down a bathroom. What’s to not love about Polodio?

To deliver this monstrosity to your desk, have a look again at the entire animal companions and familiars the characters have discarded, waved off, or forgotten. Choose your favourite and produce them again into the story by having them type a symbiotic relationship with Seataur (use Polodio’s statistics). Maybe the 2 have melded collectively and are actually a mesh of limbs or the previous buddy has been swallowed entire by Seataur and now safely dwells in a pocket dimension. Irrespective of the way you element the union, the mixed creature can be brimming with excessive potential scores and loads of methods to make your characters remorse ever crossing a creature as innocent as a quipper.

For companions, look no additional than waves and waves of beasts. Nothing will make a celebration crumple sooner than having to face off in opposition to swarms of lovely cats which have aligned themselves with Seataur. For an underwater encounter, try the next journey hook, which does not observe established lore from Battle for Past

The ghost of Stardot Reef

The Longshore is a sleepy tavern on the docks. You’ll be able to order mulled wine, sit down by the window, and watch the waves draw out and in like lengthy drawn breaths. On clear nights like these, you’ll be able to see Stardot Reef, glinting purple and blue from beneath the waters.

People at The Longshore are occupied with the climate and the way enterprise goes. It is a quiet night time. That’s, till the tavern doorways fly open and a fisherwoman who’s soaked to the bone stumbles in and crumbles on the nearest desk. “My husband!” she shouts. “I noticed him once more!”

The Longshore is the stomping grounds of a small fishing city. Characters can hear gossip, be alerted to risks on the roads, or simply discover a cozy spot to decompress after an journey. Press among the patrons of The Longshore for rumors, although, and also you’re liable to listen to a ghost story about Stardot Reef.

Stardot Reef sits simply on the horizon, and any character that watches fishermen sail out within the mornings will discover that they take care to keep away from nearing it. Native tales say a fisherwoman’s husband was attacked and killed on the reef and now haunts it, and that the purple and blue glinting you’ll be able to see at night time are the treasures it has collected from crashed ships. However the fact is far worse.

What occurred at Stardot Reef

Laurel Bryn is the fisherwoman whose husband, Rin, supposedly haunts Stardot Reef. In reality, he’s nonetheless alive however beneath the management of Seataur. Months in the past, Laurel and Rin found that the coral at Stardot Reef is magical and might be bought at a excessive value to a far-off mage academy. Unbeknownst to them, the reef was protected by Seataur. When the couple started harvesting the coral, it stuffed the waters with purple and blue glowing speckles of damaged coral and angered Seataur.

When the creature attacked, it destroyed the couple’s vessel and took Rin hostage. Laurel barely survived the swim again to shore. When she advised locals that Rin had been killed, they despatched a small group to retrieve his physique. As an alternative, they encountered him. Thoughts-controlled, Rin attacked the group and ordered them to avoid the reef lest their vessels are sunk as effectively. Since then, the city has shared rumors of ghost sightings and revered the warning it gave.

When Laurel stumbles into The Longshore, she has simply returned from Stardot Reef, the place she tried to loot coral. Laid low with what she believes to be her husband’s demise, she sought to collect sufficient coral to purchase herself a means out of city. Greater than something, Laurel needs a recent begin. Sadly, her try at looting the reef failed when she was attacked by Rin.

Hook, line, and sinker

To place an finish to Laurel’s distress and assist the city, the characters might want to encounter Seataur and destroy it. Sadly, attending to Seataur will probably require the characters to persuade a neighborhood to provide them a journey to the reef or enable them to borrow a ship. That can be a troublesome sale.

When the characters arrive at Stardot Reef, Rin seems underwater and telepathically points the identical warning: depart or be destroyed. A profitable Knowledge (Perception) verify reveals that Rin is mind-controlled. If the celebration jumps into the water, they uncover Seataur hiding deeper underwater and poised to strike.

Rin and Seataur are linked by a fleshy wire. It sustains Rin and permits him to outlive underwater. Destroying the wire frees Rin, together with from Seataur’s psychic grasp, and demoralizes the beast. This permits the celebration to flee however is not going to cease future assaults on vessels that strategy Stardot Reef.

If the characters proceed to struggle, Seataur flees when he reaches 20 or fewer hit factors. In such a case, he by no means returns to Stardot Reef.

Return of the useless

If Rin is safely returned to city, Laurel and the townsfolk are relieved. Although they can’t provide a big reward, the characters are handled to drinks and meals during their keep. If the reality about what Laurel and Rin did to anger Seataur comes out, the 2 are requested to go away. In any other case, they quietly depart city on their very own after 1d4 days.

Hold your folks shut, lest they change into enemies

You’ll be able to catch Polodio and his symbiotic buddy Seataur in Battle for Past. The six-part D&D marketing campaign options different homebrew monsters, in addition to a pleasant solid of characters preventing for the prospect to vary one second from their tragic lives. To rejoice the present, we have launched Battle for Past Digital Cube Units, discovered within the market! 

Michael Galvis (@michaelgalvis) is a tabletop content material producer for D&D Past. He’s a longtime Dungeon Grasp who enjoys horror movies and all issues fantasy and sci-fi. When he isn’t within the DM’s seat or rolling cube as his anxious halfling sorcerer, he’s taking part in League of Legends and Magic: The Gathering along with his husband. They dwell collectively in Los Angeles with their lovely canine, Quentin.

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