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Building Around the New Backgrounds Found in Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos – Posts

Class is in session! Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos introduces gamers to a prestigious faculty of mages. The e-book provides 5 new backgrounds, every representing one in every of Strixhaven’s faculties. These backgrounds include the Strixhaven Provoke feat, which permits characters to solid sure cantrips and 1st-level spells, and develop a personality’s respective class spell record.

Click on beneath to study every faculty’s character background and get concepts for constructing round them:


Lorehold students artwork

Lorehold Faculty focuses on exploring historical historical past and artifacts by magic. College students enrolled in Lorehold will be taught to discover archeological websites, channel power from historical relics, and name upon historic figures for information.

What does the Lorehold Scholar background and feat present?

What kind of character would attend Lorehold Faculty?

  • Lorehold college students worth historical information and secrets and techniques above all. This faculty is a pure match for any artificer or wizard and might present a strong basis for any “information”-based archetype from different courses. Examples of those would come with the Mastermind rogue, Path of the Ancestral Guardian barbarian, Information Area cleric, and Faculty of Lore bard.
  • As a result of the background provides loads of utility spells to your class spell record, spellcasters who attend Lorehold may very well be property to any celebration outdoors of fight.


Prismari students artwork

Prismari Faculty seeks to mix magic with artwork. Whereas finding out on the Faculty of Elemental Arts, college students will be taught to precise themselves with the elemental powers of nature. This expression may come within the type of a pyrokinetic dance, a frozen sculpture, or one thing else.

What does the Prismari Scholar background and feat present?

What kind of character would attend Prismari Faculty?

  • Prismari college students are flashy and passionate. Bards and sorcerers are a pure match on the Faculty of Elemental Arts. Their spell lists and excessive Charisma replicate the values sought by Prismari students. Different synergistic choices for a Prismari scholar embody the Path of the Storm Herald barbarian, Approach of the 4 Parts monk, and the Faculty of Evocation wizard.
  • Prismari college students are at their greatest when they’re utilizing highly effective, elemental spells. The spells offered within the background and feat are an important start line, however selecting a category that may take advantage of out of this playstyle is essential. Even should you aren’t planning to go for a full wizard construct, a two-level dip into the Faculty of Evocation subclass will present you the power to sculpt your area-of-effect spells round celebration members.


Quandrix students artwork

Potential Quandrix college students are involved with mathematical and theoretical rules, whether or not man-made or within the pure world. Whereas they examine at Quandrix Faculty, college students concentrate on summary rules of nature, like physics and math, and apply that information to their spellcasting.

What does the Quandrix Scholar background and feat present?

  • The spells offered within the Quandrix Scholar background replicate the faculty’s concentrate on metaphysical manipulation and mastery of the legal guidelines of nature. Enlarge/scale back and haste are among the many spells made out there for Quandrix college students as they each stem from the molecular manipulation of their topic.
  • Characters who attend Quandrix Faculty and acquire the Strixhaven Provoke feat are allowed to decide on two cantrips from between druidcraft, steering, and mage hand. The first-level spell they be taught might come from the druid or wizard spell record.

What kind of character would attend Quandrix Faculty?

  • College students that examine at Quandrix Faculty will examine arcane and pure theoretical rules. This space of examine lends itself to Intelligence-based casters, reminiscent of artificers and wizards. Druids may also discover themselves drawn to what Quandrix has to supply as they’re deeply in tune with nature. Different choices that might be match for Quandrix Faculty embody the Nature Area cleric, Oath of the Ancients paladin, and Wild Magic sorcerer.
  • The spells offered within the Quandrix Scholar background and feat focus primarily on buffs. Caster and ranged builds will love the power to buff a celebration member whereas conserving a distance from enemies. In case you’re choosing a melee-focused Quandrix construct, choose up the Struggle Caster feat that can assist you keep focus on spells as you wade into the thick of battle.


Silverquill students artworkThose that examine at Silverquill Faculty are quick-witted, sharp-tongued, and charismatic. Programs on the faculty pertain to linguistics, the written phrase, and the way language and literature work along with the magical arts.

What does the Silverquill Scholar background and feat present?

What kind of character would attend Silverquill Faculty?

  • Silverquill college students concentrate on the facility of phrases, each magical and in any other case. This actually lends itself to the bard class however can apply to different archetypes as nicely. Subclasses that may discover themselves at residence on the Faculty of Silverquill are most warlocks, Faculty of Enchantment or Faculty of Phantasm wizards, Trickery Area clerics, and Swashbuckler rogues.
  • Whereas it’d look like a no brainer to construct a bard when seeking to be a part of Silverquill, contemplate the truth that a lot of the bard’s greatest spells are already out there as a part of the background and feat. Selecting up dissonant whispers and harsh mockery can be an enormous boon to only about any class, so if you’re seeking to absolutely optimize your Silverquill character, selecting the bard class could be in opposition to your greatest pursuits. Think about a Swashbuckler rogue construct that is ready to use dissonant whispers in opposition to a creature inside melee vary. If the creature fails their save, the rogue will have the ability to use their response to assault and probably deal Sneak Assault harm.


Witherbloom students artwork

These finding out at Witherbloom Faculty concentrate on biology and different sciences, in addition to the artwork of therapeutic. Potential Witherbloom college students are those that are inclined to experiment primarily based on what feels proper somewhat than what a textbook says.

What does the Witherbloom Scholar background and feat present?

What kind of character would attend Witherbloom Faculty?

  • Due to its concentrate on nature, druids make up nearly all of the Witherbloom scholar physique. That stated, there are many subclasses that may thrive on the faculty’s concentrate on life and dying. Faculty of Necromancy wizards, most warlock subclasses, Life and Loss of life Area clerics, and Swarmkeeper rangers will discover a residence at Witherbloom.
  • The spells offered by the Witherbloom Scholar background are extraordinarily helpful to events which are missing a loyal healer. Remedy wounds is at all times a pleasant spell to have readily available, and the power to solid revivify is taken into account by many events to be important. Characters seeking to lean into the pseudo-healer construct may also choose up the Healer feat, which is able to present much more choices for a battlefield medic-type construct.

How would you construct a personality attending Strixhaven?

Strixhaven College has a various scholar physique, from barbarians finding out the ancestral spirits that shield them to wizards delving into the huge troves of data discovered within the Biblioplex. You do not should be a spellcaster to attend Strixhaven, however you are certain to select up a spell or two throughout your research there due to the backgrounds and feats supplied by Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos. Verify beneath for extra previews on what you will discover in Dungeons & Dragons’ newest e-book!

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